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...In the wake of the financial crises and social struggles of the past years, the work of Karl Marx continues to provide a valuable tool of analysis for thinkers and activists.

This Saturday, Joshua Clover will present on parts VI and VII of Capital.

Joshua will also summarize the book's argument thus far about the way that capitalism develops, to the extent that there is one single argument. 

This event is free and open to everyone. We welcome all who are interested in learning something about Marx, whatever their level of previous experience. We especially welcome those who have NO experience whatsoever of Marx.

Please distribute this as widely as you see fit, via email & Facebook.
The Public School is an international network of free schools. A group of us recently started the Bay Area branch. The project provides a framework for people to take or teach classes, workshops or skillshares. Anyone can propose a class and anyone can participate.

Our collective organizing efforts around the idea of mutual self-education came out of friendships, conversations and organizing within Occupy Oakland and San Francisco, Raheim Brown Free School, the Occupy Oakland Library, Poetry for the People, the Lakeview Sit-in, the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette and many other radical projects.

The Public School is a collaborative, non-hierarchical project based on the idea that we are all learners and all teachers. As one of our collaborators wrote: “We think it can be a radical idea, in and of itself, to directly produce this enjoyable common good : mutual self-education.” We see collaborative learning projects like this one as another example of the kind of mutual aid we see happening on the streets during marches and every day of the Occupy Oakland camp when we fed and cared for each other. As such it is a continuation and hopefully a deepening of our commitment to forms of resistance and autonomous ways of living. We want to learn and strive and study together, to make use of our individual and collective talents and knowledge, to resist the idea that learning must be paid for to be meaningful or delivered under threat of punishment to make an impact.

Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 19:00
La Peña Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705 more
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