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Beyond anonymity

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This 4-week class will be centered around anonymity as it relates to politics, in terms of being, ethics, strategy and tactics. The idea is to try and think what it might mean to go beyond anonymity.


We will take a reading group format based on the following topics:

Week 1, being and anonymity

Week 2, anonymity as an ethic

Week 3, anonymity, strategy and tactics

Week 4, anonymity and proper names


The first meeting starts from the texts listed below. The further readings will be discussed in the group.


Week 1, being and anonymity:


Jacques Ranciere, 'Politics, Identification and Subjectivization’, (


Tiqqun, Introduction to Civil War [Fragments], (


Alain Badiou, 'A Philosophical Task: To Be Contemporaries of Pessoa', from Handbook of Inaesthetics. (direct link: )

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