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Live Tracker Websites

Here's a short list of live tracker, and related, websites I've come across.

#1: This website provides real time locations of all vessels within range of a receiver. So basically only vessels in port, or inland waterways, or close to shore, etc. Nifty for explaining what one sees in the San Francisci Bay.

#2: This website is a registry of all vessels. Searchable by vessel, company, etc.

#3 This website has a well documented g-map of ports, both coastal and inland.


And of course, please add any other resources you find!



We have an .mpg (1.4g) that we can figure out how to get to you. We'd love to share this film around as much as possible. We could set up a dropbox, or mail you a dvd or something. You could email me at my username

Can't wait to go through that text, looks amazing!! Thanks!!!

Sorry I took so long, haven't checked this blog in a minute!

not tracking per se, but i came across this resource a while ago:

does anyone in the bay have advice on how to get a copy of the forgotton space? badly needed up in the northwest...


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