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"What Was The Problem ..."

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Starting from our classes on "The City And The Political" over to "The Problem Of Berlin" we would now like to discuss about some associated fields of interest. Each session will focus on one text related more or less to spatial practice and theory. The readings will be announced weekly.

Still interested in talking about the City, Architecture, Politics, and Theory. Furthermore we would like to create one graphical sheet during/after each session, to somehow document our discussions. It could include info graphics, cartoons, statistics, maps, impressions...

"What Was The Problem ...

I ... with Problems (in Urban Planning) ?" main text: Lucius Burckhardt: "From Design Academicism to the Treatment of Wicked Problems" (1975) - about aims, complexity and transparency // support text: Lucius Burckhardt: "Building - A Process with no Obligations to Heritage Preservation" (1967) - ten short thesis (plus reflection)

II ... with Participation (in Architecture) ?" main text: Markus Miessen: "The Uninvited Outsider" (2010) - a proposal for intellectuals and architects // counter text: Carson Chan: "Epilogue" (2010) - a critique searching for disagreement

III ... with Public Space (and Subjectivity) ?" main text: Judith Butler: "Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street"

IV ... with Spatial Justice (for Inhabitants) ?" main text: from Edward Soja: "Seeking Spatial Justice" (2010) (to be determined) or from Susan Fainstein: "The Just City" (2010)

V ... with Remuneration (for Artists) ?" main text: Leonhard Dobush: "Digitization, Remuneration, and Copyright" (2011) - some fun-facts about copyright and bargaining power // support text: tba. (something on "the commons")


This is a first suggestion, which could be adapted to the group's interests at any time. Hoping for your enthusiasm and support, Katrin, Jesse, Christian.

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Interesting text Christian — thanks for posting it. Will there be an English translation? Since almost all classes at TPS are in English, and the text is relatively short, it'd make sense to have an English version, so more people can discuss it.

In any case, it'd be great to make this class happen, if not at the school, maybe somewhere else?


i asked the TPS committee if it would be possible to get a time and a space (a long time ago). they suggested to "focus" the proposal in certain directions and were busy with other classes. so nothing happened. we were having a long mail conversation on that, which i was not allowed to publish here.
i tried to understand and reflect what was happening in a broader context with this text (german language). link here.
since the TPS committee didn't answer to the question regarding the status of this proposal yet, i tried to. but for sure i did it in a subjective, maybe wrong way.

same question. it'd be great to make this one happen.

What is the status of this proposal?

Hi everyone,

how about proceeding in a focused manner, and pick up one of the subject matters proposed for the class? all themes very exciting and would ask for a closer thinking.

 I would say the spatial justice is an ever important topic but also the last suggestion on remuneration is something interesting.

there is an upcoming class on participation which is taking a broader approach and not specifically about architectural partisipation, but that can be brought up there as well.

Any suggestion with which topic to proceed?



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