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Learning and Teaching Now: Case Studies

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Our next meeting will be an exploration of various "case studies" of contemporary pedagogy. I suggest we look at:
1) Free University NYC 
2) Bruce High Quality Foundation University 
3) Moonlighter Presents


Please look at the above three websites and post links to others on the Class Page (post as many as you like; everyone can just look at the ones that interest them). Come prepared to compare educational models, with attention toward what is expected from, and what is offered by, the "teacher" and the "student" in each model, as well as how authority is shared. 

Would someone like to read a 5-10 minute text to introduce this class?



I can commit to organizing 4-5 sessions of this class. Of course, the class can then go on without me. But let's decide together what we want the next few sessions to be. Here are some of the themes/topics that were suggested at the meeting. Please post ideas in order to flesh these out into classes, and/or suggestions for classes on additional topics. 

1) Performances/games/role playing with ways of manifesting authority (Please post examples of activities)
2) Paul Klee's lecture notes and other unusual teaching texts. Please post other examples.
3) Comparisons of Utopian thinking (please post ideas - should this be a historical overview of texts, or something else?)
4) A reading of Embassy Town by China Mieville (other ideas to go along with this?)
5) Invited guest speakers?

We also discussed: Storytelling as an educational method; mentorship/leadership; making our personal experiences heard in classrooms; art as a "mediator" of knowledge during art school critiques; therapeutic spaces; students' lack of interest/motivation. 

If I missed anything you'd like to return to, please post it. 



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Email me  - nova[dot]benway[at]gmail[dot]com -  if you are looking for texts you can't find on or elsewhere.

Thanks again to everyone!  I’m looking forward to some more great conversations.



Sunday, February 3, 2013 - 17:00
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My cousin is participating in this program, which has an admission process (fairly painless one actually) and than is completely free to attend.

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Here is another model for alternative education. Barter based, rather than free, but still exploring alternatives to the capitalist economy.
Started by Caroline Woolard, who coincidentally went to my high school and collaborated on a number of education and art projects centered on alternative economies.

Hi all! 

I hate to say that I will miss this class because... well, it's Superbowl Sunday! But I very much look forward to the next meeting!




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