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Art and Answerability

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Mikhail Bakhtin's short article "Art and Answerability" (iskusstvo i otvestvennost) was published in a daily newspaper in 1919. In this early text Bakhtin deals with the question how art and life are connected, how they can co-exist in reciprocal pervasion: "Art and life are not one, but they must become united in myself - in the unity of my answerability."

Departing from this two page long text I would like to discuss the role of answerability - or responsibility - in contemporary art and theory: how does answerability occur, in which forms is one answerable or put in positions of answerability, what is the meaning of answerability in art and theory ?

This could just be a one-day long intensive reading and discussion.

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dear all, we are planning to make this happen the last weekend of april - more info is coming soon so stay tuned!

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i am referring to one essay by bakhtin - the text has an external link, too so it can be downloaded!


maybe  could put the reading list here for people not on arg? or is it just the bahktin text you thinking of to refer?


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