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The Canon Inside Out : Sir Thomas Wyatt

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We'll look into Wyatt's bio and sixteenth century court life to get a little context. Writing
under a tyrant dictates poetic strategies (think Mandelstam). Wyatt was able to write 
poems with hidden subversive messages and somehow escape the chopping block.
I'd also like to discuss TW's role as a innovator. He brought continental influences to 
English poetry and has been called the inventor of the English sonnet. Yet his "ear"
and feel for metrics has been attacked. How does the contemporary poet read him?
I'll come with a reader, but if people would like to read these (and any others):
Sonnet XI
{Whoso list to hunt, I know there is a hind,}
Sonnet xv
{Some fowls there be that have so perfect sight}
Sonnet XIX
{My galley charged forgetfulness}
Ballade LXXX
{They flee from me that sometime did me seek}
{Who list his wealth and ease retain,}


Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 19:00
Long Haul Infoshop, 3124 Shattuck Ave more
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