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Anti-Therapy II: Meeting 1

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Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 13:00
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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A question was asked if there would be an introductory reading for the course that would not require reading the whole of Hegel's PHG.  There is a somewhat abbreviated lecture that is precise. It could serve as an introduction and will be referred to. Find Hegel's 'Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art' Translated by T.M. Knox (Clarendon Press). Read pages 87-196 'The Beauty of Art or the Ideal' with special attention to:

1) page 186 (the Heroic literature of the Feudal Ages and Renaissance)

2) page 188 ( The Oedipus Myth)

3) page 195 (Reconstitution of Individual Independence)

4) page 196 (The Situation)


I am not sure if this is readable it seems the site program reformatted the info, but I will post it anyway.


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