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XXY this friday

I hope you all enjoyed the (mostly) warm weekend!

Here are a few texts you might want to take a look at before our screening of XXY on Friday. The first is the short story, "Cinismo," from which the film was adapted. The story was written by Lucía Puenzo's husband, Sergio Bizzio, and it still hasn't been translated into English, so this is just for you ambitious Spanish-speakers:

Here's a nice interview with Puenzo that brings up some significant contextual information and themes without too many spoilers:

If you'd like a more theoretical introduction to the category of "hermaphrodism" from some fancier thinkers, I've also attached Foucault's introduction to The Memoirs of Herculine Barbin, which he edited and published in 1980, as well as Judith Butler's critique of Foucault's introduction, published in Gender Trouble.

Finally, I've attached the official movie poster for XXY along with The Borghese Hermaphroditus:


Hope you see you all on Friday!


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