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The Politics of Participation and Collaboration in Contemporary Art

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For this third meeting we'll be reading chapter 9 from Claire Bishop's Artificial Hells titled "Pedagogic Projects: ‘How do you bring a classroom to life as if it were a work of art?". During the last meeting we also agreed that we each think of a project that falls within this field of participatory practices and briefly introduce it, so as to be able to anchor the discussion on concrete examples. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 15:00
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I thought it would be interesting to include an example of my own work that falls within the parameters of participation.

Please follow this link to a documentation PDF of 'Alexandreplatz Reality Exchange'

Thanks for reading, see you there,



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Hi all,

Not able to join ya tomorrw.  I'm taking a radical pedigogy class as part of my coursework.. Fits right in with the upcoming discussion, so I'm a bit bummed at the overlap.

our key text for the course is: Education for Socially Engaged Art by Pable Helguera

I highly recommend it.  It is really helping me sort through some key questions I have in my practice. Specifically, relational aesthetics / emancipated spectator / antagonism.




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