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The Poverty of Feminism?

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Try to read the text, "The Poverty of Feminism," before the discussion. Here was the class description:


Is there interest in discussing feminism? In discussing a controversial critique of feminism from the French ultra-left scene of the 1970s? It is available here: On the left, one more easily encounters what might be considered more "traditional" criticisms of feminism from Marxist sects who see it as a bourgeois ideology. This text represents a somewhat different perspective, and was translated into English and re-published by the insurrectionary anarchist publisher Elephant Editions. It is favorably referenced in one of the articles in LIES: A Journal of Materialist Feminism (, a contemporary feminist journal influenced by ultra-left communist ideas. But is the text itself a valid criticism of feminist ideas, or an irresponsible attack? We can discuss.

Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 02:00
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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