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2013 : listening together


hi all -- 
at our meeting about 10 days ago [sorry i am lagging!], we mapped out the direction of our curriculum for the next three months.
-Paul will host. March date TBD
-For this meeting, read Devotional Cinema by Nathaniel Dorsky. It is available from the library, or locally at Small Press Distribution:
-if possible, bring a response in the medium of your choice
we chose to begin this year with the Dorsky text to think about the affect and reception of artworks, and the workings of art in/for the social/ social 'cohesiveness'. this choice also stems from participants' interest in radio and live sound/music in activist / direct action / occupying contexts. we will try to translate the ideas or suggestions in the book into what they could mean in/for the sonic.
-Paul will curate the listening -- there was mention of Luc Ferrari
-host/date TBD
-we will start to think about collaborative project/s
-since spring will be sprung, we'll try to get outside and record - perhaps around our new public school space
-we'll read [again] Listening by Jean-Luc Nancy for this meeting. [Some of us can't get enough.]
-host/date TBD
-we'll read selections from Reason & Resonance and Sinister Resonance
-work toward collaborative project
-engage with the work of the ny-based Commons Choir
-continue work toward collaborative project
in-between the meetings: Date/Time TBD
Sebastian-- Building your own recording equipment workshop(s)
Introduction to sound engineering / compositional software
Lucier Night -- extended listening to the work of Alvin Lucier 
so this is our skeleton for moving forward together ---- 
in sound,


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