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The Invisible City: An Intersection of Computational and Urban Systems

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The developing pervasive and mobile technologies has an unquestionable effect on the research and production of urban space, opening new doors for exploration and participation in the discourse and making of our environment. Real-time data and augmented applications change our experience of the city, while emergent infrastructures that allow for citizen participation impact the civic discourse. With the help of these technological systems, many of the background players of an urban environment such as infrastructures, demographic information systems, and so on are becoming much more transparent to us, while the traceability of the datascape of our mobile devices raises questions about privacy and urban surveillance. Falling under the autonomies topic of the 'Nature of LA' panel series AIA-LA Cote ( committee on the environment of the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles), we propose to explore the various impacts of pervasive, mobile, and computational technologies in our conceptions and experiences of the urban environment, through a debate that lies at the intersection of digital and urban systems; at the intersection of the abstract, generic, and placeless nature of datascape with the rich, complex, and sentient nature of LA’s urban landscape. The format will be a panel discussion with artists and researchers in the field.
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Looking forward to hearing more about this.


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There seems to be interest for this panel.

We would like to propose Thursday, April the 25th @ 7:00 pm for the panel.


This would be a panel discussion in conjuction with the AIA/COTE events, the larger topic being "Nature of LA".  I am co-organizing this effort with Michael Bulander. We have very interesting speakers lined up, but we are still in need of a venue. The Public School?

As for the panelists, we are currenty in touch with Dana Cuff (City Lab, UCLA), Kazys Varnelis (Network Architecture Lab, Columbia University), Christine Outram (Re:Imagine Group, MIT Media Lab, Senseable Cities), Alessandro Marianantoni (Remap LA, UCLA), and Amy Murphy (USC, School of Architecture).

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Interesting subject, I know I and others at The Public School would be interested in hosting discussions. I this something that the proposers want to occur in conjuction with the LA COTE events e.g. at the Natural History Museum and other locations or something specifically TPS in nature, discussions, study group of selected texts, critical pedagogical,  etc?

Naturally this is the direction to understand future cities.

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excellent! do you have panel speakers in mind? 


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