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François Laruelle and Non-philosophy

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Saturday, April 6, 7:30pm -- PHILOSOPHY AND NON-PHILOSOPHY

  • What is philosophy?
  • The philosophical decision and the principle of sufficient philosophy
  • The correlationist principle

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Alexander R. Galloway
Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 19:30
Maximum capacity: 
155 Freeman, 155 Freeman, 11222 more


a reminder that i want the class to be more informal and more of a group effort than previous classes. so more like half lecture and half discussion. please come ready to discuss and/or ask questions. i'll prep a  20-30 minute presentation for each class. then, it'll be a more unstructured discussion among all of us. see you saturday night!

arg is working for me. but here's an alternate you might try too has been taken down. is there another resource for excerpts?

here is the suggested reading for the April 6th session:

François Laruelle, Philosophies of Difference (focus on chapter 1).

i hope i can make this


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