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Left Studies Group : The Great Transformation

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We'll meet twice a week to study classics of left theory and history. The first meeting will focus on Karl Polanyi's classic "The Great Transformation". We're hoping people will do some research on Polanyi and have read at least the introductions to the book so we can get started after some introductions and time spent getting to know each other. We'll set the "ground rules" for discussion and other formalities at the first meeting. As you read Polanyi, start taking notes and asking questions. What do you know about the time period in which he wrote the book? The time about which he's writing? This book focuses on the origins of capitalism. What was your understanding of when capitalism arose and under what conditions? What did you know, or think you knew, about its rise? Why is it important to understand capitalism and its history?
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Hey I've read most of "Great Transformation" and want to learn more. Interested if this class is still meeting. --Justin


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