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Organizing Committee:

The course will investigate questions of eroticism, desire and gender politics in the 20th Century tradition of erotic fiction. The genre of Erotic fiction has a long tradition dated back to the Ancient Greece (with Sappho of Lesbo) and Rome (Petronio and his Satyricon) and it continued to develop over the course of many centuries as both celebration of pleasure and sexuality and as a way of enquiring into the state of feminism, gender politics, female desire, taboos and popular culture. Focusing on the reading of some erotic novels, the proposal is one possible prospective from which to look at how questions of desire, sexuality, gender, taboos and power relations have been represented and contested in modern society. How do we understand sexual culture and erotic values today? How does literary imaginary open up ways of going beyond a normative understanding of sexuality? How do language operate as erotic and playful emancipatory force to a different understanding of love and sexuality? I would like to consider eroticism in literature as experience of sexual and cultural emancipation and explore how sex, desire, gender, identities are shaped, represented, embodied, contested and rethought in works of erotic fiction writers. The proposal is for a reading group. Novels will function as starting point and research material for discussions. 

The class will begin with The Pure and the Impure by Colette

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Hey let's organise something! 14 ppl seem to be interested!

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we have cancelled the meeting for tmr since no one replied. we hope to reorganize this sometime in the future when there is more interest, so if you'd like to see something happen with this, please let us know!

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hey all,

We had a low turnout for the meeting on Saturday so we were wondering if folks plan on attending this upcoming Saturday (5/23). Could you chime in here if you plan on participating and/or if we should keep it scheduled? If so, we can figure out what we'll do in the next days!


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Hi everyone,

We pushed this back one hour, to 16:00, so that another class (The Politics of Participation...) will have time to meet that day beforehand.

Also, there is a (non-TPS) event happening after class if you all want to stick around: A reading and video screening by Olivia Dunbar.

See you Saturday!



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