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A few last links for everyone

A few last links for everyone

1) Sort of the opposite of music to soften the sounds of knives and forks, here's our final discussion on Anti-Oedipus set to the sounds of food and drink. A sure crowd pleaser for all who thought our intellects were sharp but needed more sounds of chewing and slurping before we'd have a big radio hit.

2) Since the nature of D & G's collaboration came up in our last discussion, I thought I'd include Love Story Between an Orchid & a Wasp, an introductory essay from The Anti-Oedipus Papers, a collection of Guattari's letters to Deleuze that went into the composition of Anti-Oedipus.

3) I didn't know that The Anti-Oedipus Papers contained this until I looked at it this weekend. I"m glad though, because otherwise I would have shared it months ago, and I think that the process of us figuring out how to define these terms has been a huge challenge but a neccessary and worthwhile part of the journey. It's a Glossary of Schizo-Analysis. Just a reference for your day to day schizo-analyzing, obviously.




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