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Learning and Teaching Now: Pedagogy on Film

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Meeting 4: Pedagogy on Film

Please note that you are welcome to attend this meeting, even if you have not attended previous meetings!

Learning and Teaching Now considers the evolving landscape of education, with a special focus on the increasing prevalence of informal educational settings for adults, such as reading groups, workshops, skillshares, free online classes, un-conferences, art exhibitions-as-schools, and extensive public programs and lecture series organized from within and outside of academia. The purpose of the course is to investigate the influence and potential directions of these new educational models.

This meeting will be a screening and discussion of TO BE AND TO HAVE (2002). This will be the first in a series of screenings of films depicting education. We’ll discuss the roles of the students and the teacher, and how the film portrays the learning process.

If you have ideas for other films, post them to the Class Page!

For more texts/information, visit the Class Page or email the organizer, Nova Benway, at nova[dot]benway[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 19:00
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I'll try to be there! 

Wish I could join! There's a panel on poverty and the humanities that's dissertation-related for me. I'll watch the film before the meeting thereafter, so I can keep up with the conversation. Kind regards to the group! 


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