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making portfolio websites using indexhibit

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This class would walk you through the steps in making your own portfolio website. It will teach you how to use Indexhibit which is similar to Wordpress. Indexhibit is great for artists as it provides templates that are customized for portfolios. Indexhibit like Wordpress uses a database structure and provides you with a content management system (CMS).

This class would go through the necessary steps to find a domain name and get a server. It would include working with you to download and install Indexhibit, chose and modify the template using CSS, and then upload content. At the end of the worksop you would walk away with a functioning website that you could manage on your own.

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I would LOVE a course on this! Indexhibit is my favorite for portfolios but harder to find info about it. I don't know any programing so this may not be fore me at all, but I think there's a way to learn this without that background, no?

There is no cost for this class; Public School classes are all donation based.

If there is any interest in this class, I can teach it.

Hi, What's the cost of this class?


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