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Participation in Contemporary Art

Organizing Committee:


Each meeting will be broken up into two or three presentations by class participants based on different notions of "participation" in contemporary art. Each presentation will structure itself around a question or series of questions that is relevant to understanding what participation means for the producer, audience and larger cultural field/context. The form of each presentation is open and could be focused on an individual work, a particular type of practice, a theory, or some combination of all those things. The presenter will send around texts, images or other material in advance of the presentation for class members to look at to help frame the discussion.
Please volunteer in the comments below for slots!


Hey everybody!

For the ones who weren't there last time, the group agreed to continue meeting weekly outside the public school till a new class is organized.
We opened a Google Group to keep in contact, so if you want to keep updated just send me an email asap: diegochamy at . So far twelve people already joined (almost everyone who was there last class).
There are at least three places where we could meet: ZK/U Berlin (proposed by Miryana, a big space in Moabit), Orion's flat, and mine (both in Kreuzberg). Next meeting will be this Sunday at my place. More info (address, time, texts, topics, ideas, etc) will be posted/discussed in the Google Group.
Looking forward!

I can't really bring mine, sorry. it is crap, and my bike is crap, so i am afraid m crap laptop would fall from my crap bike...

yeah i'm bringing mine.

berlinese's picture

actually, is anyone else going to have a laptop anyway? if so, i don't have
to bring mine for others to present.

bonjour. it looks like this is the last group meeting? i will be there. I have never made a presentation but invite the group to use my presentation time today for an evaluative participatory discussion on the class.

See you there.

Dear All,

I'd like to present some of my work this saturday if we have time.
It would be great if I can use somebody's laptop or even better if we have
a projector.
(thanks Oliver for your message and if you could bring your laptop that
will be amazing)
I have a dvd with most of the videos on it so we can skim through a bit or
I can just show one.
Some of my videos (from performances or public intervnetions) are online so
if you have a minute before Saturday, you could have a look so we save time
in class.

The vimeo link is :

as an alternative there is always my website:
and the performative work could be found at:

Thanks so much!

Hello all, Sorry I missed last week and won't be there this week. I'm out of town for a few weeks. 

It'd be really great to continue on May 4th if possible. If we do continue, I'd like to present something. 
It'd be great too, if there are any decisions made at the end of class next time about meetings, to let the mailing list know.

Dear Colleagues,
due to my occupation this week I decided to present my project and the
related questions on saturday at the class - there is no need for you to
prepare further.
Since I am about to start the project now there is no definate material
I could share with you right now.
I am also up for continuing the meetings and discussions with you!
Looking forward to Saturday,
Cheers, Frauke

Hey i'm up for continueing with the class/meetings too. ZKU seems like a good option, thanks Miryana. I'll try to make it tomorrow to the event, but anyway let's talk more about it maybe after the class.

Frauke wanted to present next. Miryana, if you want to present too then great. Anyone else? Please send questions to frame and links if you have anything we can start checking out.

From the two texts Liz proposed, I'd suggest we read Philip Auslander's The Performativity of Performance Documentation, since the other one is much longer and there's no much time till saturday.

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[I tried to send this via the 'reply' function in my email, but it didn't seem to work, so i'll retry here]:

Hi Miryana and all,
I'd like to see our meetings continue too, whether more focussed on people's pratices or reading texts, or somewhere between the two.

What do we have planned for this Saturday 20th? Should look at a text that Liz or Andrea posted?

Liz, if you'll be there on Sat 20th, do you have a preference?

Miryana, shall we look at something of your work... with some framing questions so we can tie it into the wider context of the class? I can bring my projector if you'd like to show some images or video. You'll need to bring a laptop. I have an adaptor for a Macbook pro 13" or a VGA.





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