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The Canon Inside Out : Thomas Campion

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We'll continue our tour of English poetry, visiting the work of Thomas Campion (1567 – 1620), who wrote not only the words AND music of his songs (he was the only poet-composer of the Elizabethan age) but also some 400 Latin epigrams, a little-known treatise on musical theory ("A New Way of Making Fowre Parts in Counter-point") and a still essential essay on poetics ("Observations in the Art of English Poesie").  Poet Stephen Ratcliffe, author of Campion:  On Song, will talk about Campion, Dowland, Morley, and the lyric.

Stephen Ratcliffe
Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 19:00
Long Haul Infoshop, 3124 Shattuck Ave more
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