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The Global Social Factory and Supply Chains

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EDIT : The session with a tutorial on using Wordpress, especially for projects like Empire Logistics, has been posponed until the next meeting (most likely Wednesday, May 1).

The brief presentation of "Bread Riots Along Supply Chains: From Cairo to Longview" has been postponed to an as yet undecided future date.

Finally, please read (or look at in the case of the maps) the following and be prepared to discuss:

Global Internet Infrastructure

1. Global Internet Usage Map

    a. This map illustrates the online flow of information throughout the world. Parallels can be seen to global shipping routes. Unfortunately, China is not represented as little is known about their bandwidth usage, since they are behind the Great Firewall.

2. Undersea Cable Map

    a. This map show specific undersea cables that transfer information worldwide.

3. Western US Transpacific Cable Landing Points

    a. The closest terminal to us is in Point Arena, CA, where several cables land from Japan, British Columbia and Hawaii.

4. Three Divers Caught Sabotaging Egyptian Undersea Cable

    a. Unclear why, but an insight into systemic vulnerabilities.

5. Great Firewall of China

    a. A short summary of the history of the Great Firewall and an introduction to methods of state censorship and control of information online.

Server Farms

1. Google Server Farm Containers (video)

    a. A look inside one of Google’s data centers that uses shipping containers to house modular units.

2. Google Data Center overview

    a. A summary of Google’s data centers.

3. What is Google doing with all its bandwidth and data?

    a. A short article speculating on ways Google might use its capacity.

NOTICE: We are presently pre-viewing films for the next screening, which most likely will be on Friday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m. at the Redstone Building (on 16th Street at Capp). We're taking suggestions for films on anything about class struggle or social conditions in China in preparation for the visit and presentations of a gongchao collective comrade who has been based in Shenzhen and has been in contact with Foxconn workers.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 19:00
In The Works, 3265 17th Street, 94110 more
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