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READING RHIZOME : Deleuze and Guattari Summer Reading Group

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"If you free it with too violent an action, if you blow apart the strata without taking precautions, then instead of drawing the plane you will be killed, plunged into a black hole, or even dragged toward catastrophe. Staying stratified—organized, signified, subjected— is not the worst that can happen; the worst that can happen is if you throw the strata into demented or suicidal collapse, which brings them back down on us heavier than ever. This is how it should be done: Lodge yourself on a stratum, experiment with the opportunities it offers, find an advantageous place on it, find potential movements of deterritorialization, possible lines of flight, experience them, produce flow conjunctions here and there, try out continuums of intensities segment by segment, have a small plot of new land at all times." - Deleuze and Guattari from Capitalism and Schizophrenia


the above quote will be our first reading for the Deleuze and Guattari summer reading group. I'd like to consider the quotes import on the autodidactic activities of The Public School and on the plot of land that we will renew each meeting as we traverse across and converse with these two pervasive and affirmative thinkers when "to affirm is not to bear but, on the contrary, to discharge and to lighten" (Deleuze from Difference and Repetition)


(preliminary) FIRST MEETING: Weds. May 22nd at 5:30pm in which we will meet (at 2141 Broadway hopefully)


we will meet before and until the Spinoza reading group begins at 7pm - during this time I'd like to focus most of our attention on setting up trajectory's for our summer reading--whether we will read alone or collectively (or both), what texts we will read, how much we'll read, whether we'll read Deleuze and Guattari texts strictly or spread our tendrils into other related thinkers, what day and time would be best (if Weds. evening isn't the best) and how often we will meet (weekly, bi-weekly), etc. etc.


please email me at snovotnyjr at gmail dot com in case you would like to suggest a different time and day or if you will not be able to make it but have suggestions for the reading group or want to receive notes regarding the first meeting etc. one thing that I will be certain to begin at the first meeting is an email list so that we can be more intimately networked, so if you can't make it to the first metting email me to be a part of that


Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 17:30
2141 Broadway, 94612 more
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