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The Architectonics of Answerability

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The third meeting will draw on examples of art practices that relate to the dialogical encounter as basis of the answerable act, aesthetic activity as well as ethical recognition. In the case of conversational formats though our attention should be drawn less on the act of the spoken word or its performance but rather on conversation as a socio-cultural system. Following Bakhtin, the artwork as event and the aesthetic experience as the initial moment for an answerable act both determine a potential space for action, which itself cannot be predetermined.

Saturday, May 18, 2013 - 12:00
Archive Books , Dieffenbachstraße 31, 10967 more
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since there is still so much to discuss from the last abstracts we read (author and hero in aesthetic activity) we thought to not have aditional readings for this meeting. looking forward to saturday!

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dear bakhtin circle, is there any suggestion for a text for this coming saturday? ideally something that can further inform / bring some light onto the current discussion... or we can  just focus on the existing texts and the examples of art practices mentioned above. 


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