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Poem Talks

Organizing Committee:

Not a workshop nor a class nor a reading series quite, Poem Talks would be a series of sessions each led by a different member of the class (or guest-writer). The Talking Poet would present one poem, and talk about it--its form, the process by which it came about, the paper or program upon which it was written, its intent and the accidents that altered it as it came--for as long as they can bring themselves. Nobody ever does this, ever. Then we would ask them questions. And then, with the remaining time, the Talking Poet would give a prompt extrapolated from their experience writing the poem, and the class would write for a while. Classes will be advertised on Shampoo and Fbook and other forums to encourage a diversity of writers. Wednesday at 8 at the Public School might be a great day, what do you think?


  • David Brazil & Maya Weeks
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