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The Public School London: How to Build Our Public School?

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 19:00
Royal Festival Hall, Level 4. Blue Bar. more
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Hi explorational

The first "how do we build our public school" class meeting went really well. I think Philo is going to post his notes on here in the next few days but broadly we discussed our ethos for the London chapter, and decided on how to develop a guiding, but changing manifesto. This will also be happening via this page so that others who were not present at the meetings so far far be part of that shaping.

I will be putting up the next class proposal over the weeked which is going to be on "the space of education", which will for a loose but pratical examination of spacial impact on learning and critique of learning forms via praxis. Again, thanks to TPS's format, this proposal will be open for development from others, I'm just setting down the first few lines based on some ideas in the group.

We talked about strategies to encourage a diverse programme, by working in different kinds of spaces from Hack Spaces to parks, and about joining with existing communities (which touches on something I saw you wrote in the London Calling thread).


We talked about the importance of continual critique of the form of education and learning itself. About the need for multiple models including the collective. Open Source education if you will, where everything is free to be questioned, including all aspect of delivery of course.


I don't have my notes in front of me but like I said, Philo will be along at some point to post his notes on here for a more full outline, and we should start thrashing out the manifesto soon, and that course proposal starts at the weekend.

Jim is going to be organising the next meeting which will be at Royal Festival Hall again in about a month, a Doodle will go up nearer the time so we can sort the best date for the people who would like to attend.





Looking forward to this kick off meeting!

For those new here, below is a little about what we have in mind for this meeting.

The Making of a Public School

Following a meeting of interested minds (and bodies) on the 6th of May 2013, the Public School London, officially began as a chapter of the Public School website.

This first meeting is intended as an invitation for anyone interested; either in way of becoming part of the committee, or in attending future classes; to join us in discussion.

As a self-organising entity, we would like to explore, with others who forsee their involvement; What the Public School London is, what it offers and what it could be.

If you like the sound of being part of creating a learning community in London, or you're just curious to talk more about it, we would love to meet you.

Hope to see you!


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