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Radical Educator Workshop

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This would be a discussion group open to all educators, but it's particularly for adjunct instructors in higher education in the arts and humanities--many of us, I think, lack formal training in teaching and are hungry to share & give framework to our experiences. This class/meeting would be a space to discuss what our role is as teachers, what kind of space the classroom should be, how to inspire curiosity & critical thought, how to introduce political texts without being dismissed as an indoctrinator (and respond well to student resistance/critique), and whatever other concerns and questions the attendees are thinking about. Participants would also share challenging moments they've faced in the classroom and discuss what's worked, what hasn't worked, and what could have been done differently--it's in this sense that the meeting would be a "workshop." We'd address the challenges of teaching the way we'd like to teach while having to take on too many classes as adjuncts, but discussion will likely stay focused on teaching-related issues, rather than structural or academy-level issues.
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7pm sounds good to me too.



That should work fine. I'll schedule it sometime soon. You can post here if you have any further notes or announcements for the first meeting or anything (for example, if you want the description for the first meeting to say something other than what is in the proposal), and once it is scheduled I'll announce it on the LA Public School facebook page as well.

Could we push ahead to 7/28? Will Sundays continue to work after that?
Maybe 8-9 pm? Thanks!

Sunday might be better than Wednesday, actually. There is nothing happening on Sunday, July 14, for example. I could easily schedule a first meeting for that day, at whatever time is convenient.

okay great--let me know if other days/times work. Sunday evenings might be
good as well, though I imagine that's a popular time

I'll try to get back to you on that as soon as I can, since we share the space with other groups.

would wednesday evenings work?

When would be convenient for you to schedule this workshop?


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