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The Space of Learning

Organizing Committee:

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Following from the proposal we are starting this as a course, which should hopefully clarify itself and develop as it progressing through meetings.





Following on from the first self-organising class of Public School London I would like to formally propose a course on the tactics and strategies of learning in relation to space.

This course is a critique through praxis of modes of learning as a group, considering how the spacial context affects this learning as well as deviating along the various lines that might intersect with this inquiry.


Proposed structure:

Series of meetings involving physical examination of space, the navigation of space and the modes of learning within space. This could include the use of public and private but open space, space in which specific modes of being are implicit or enforced and space which exert a pronounced material effect.

Tactics include the dérive, the micro-reading group, the claiming/using of territory and the analysis of the effect of space upon the action within it. Action does not need be directly concerned with space in order to examine it, rather workshops, games, discussions and investigations could take place as deviations, with their relation to space be critiqued after the fact.

These tactics should be a means to, though the outcome need not be pre-established. Using space for learning, in order to learn variously.


Suggested initial material:

Gaston Bachelard "The Poetics of Space"

Georges Bataille "Architecture" (1929)

Walter Benjamin "The Arcades Project"

Michel de Certeau "The Practice of Everyday Life"

Guy Debord “Theory of the dérive”

The London Perambulator

The public gallery of The Old Bailey

The café of The Design Museum

Mile End Cemetry Park

Quakers Friends House in Euston

Leicester Square Burger King

The Overground line of The London Underground

Spaces within universities

The basement of Housmans Bookshop

The squash courts of Bethnal Green Accademy.

Bow Idea Store

Whitechapel Hospital


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Hi everyone, 

this is a very late notice, but if anyone have an idea of a good (and possibly short ) referential text for the class,please share it.

to me it seems we go twofold here - on the one  hand the topic (of the show and of the class) is education, on the other hand exhibitions a sites of learning.

a huge topic, both, indeed, but hints related are appreciated! will think of it further myself too...


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