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Bubbles on the Art Market

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Art is about beauty. But it is also about money. Art does not have a lot of intrinsic value, however, yields on pieces of art differ and change over time, sometimes achieving immorally high prices. During the last three decades, the art market has experienced extreme ups and downs, no matter which of five art genres somebody looks at: Impressionist and Modern, Postwar and Contemporary, American, Latin America and Old Masters. The aim of my class is to see if bubbles can happen in the art market, and if they do, how they behave and what kind of relations connect them and economics. I will also focus on media sentiment, as media may impact our attitude and may contribute to art market collapse. I will look at a very complex aspect of the art market - human behavior - in a fresh and new way. All to understand the constantly changing world of art.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 19:00
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