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Asger Jorn on Architecure


In order to fully understand this situation, it is first of all necessary to be aware that the aesthetic or experimental attitude is and can only be the attitude of the amateur. THE FREE ARTIST IS A PROFESSIONAL AMATEUR. The spirit of amateurism is at the origin of all progress. The spirit of amateurism does not require a total autodidacticism, but is the ability to be able to surmount its knowledge and arrive at a new innocence, a new zero point or sense of not knowing anything. Popular Universities have been created solely for this antididactic and antiprofessional purpose, and they are thus anticonfessional in all domains. Antidoctrinaire. This said, it is obvious that Popular Universities must be places where each free artist enjoys full autonomy, regardless of what medium he works in. Until Popular Universities are organized on this basis, they will be nothing but vague reflections of the past or of boring places for poor rich kids; and until the University of Form rediscovers, through such Popular Universities, its roots in the people, totally independent from professional schools and intellectual academies, the school at Ulm will only aggravate the mistakes made by Gropius. And reduce itself to an institution with no reason for existing.


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