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Friendship as a Way of Life

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From Cicero to Montaigne to Foucault to Derrida; throughout history philosophers have asked the question, "What is Friendship?" In our modern era of Social Networking, "friending" and "unfriending" has thrown friendship into a sea of confusion.

In this meeting we will explore the Philosophy of Friendship through readings and discussion. We will consider how the nature of friendship has changed over time, and ask, once more, "What is Friendship?"

The aim of this meeting will be to consider how we value our own friendships, and how cultivating authentic relationships with one another can help to provide us with tools for social transformation.

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yes please keep us updated in ny! would love to have the reading list,


Fantastic course concept -- would love to see something like this out here in the Bay, or would follow remotely... Any chance of seeing a reading list?

Post a reading list!


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