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Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy; Free Horizons

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Free Horizons
Wednesday, September 25
7:00 PM
155 Freeman St.
In 1994, the Zapatista uprising declared Ya Basta!/Enough! That cry has echoed from Buenos Aires to Cairo, Madrid and New York. Now we need to think about visionary organizing for the future(s) we want to live in.
Suggested Readings:
Tidal began in discussions held in around Zuccotti Park during the occupation. It is written, designed and distributed free as both mutual aid and direct action. There have been four print editions so far. Tidal Columns has expanded the mission online as a hub for the global social movement. Tidal Living/Learning/Organizing Centers are being planned in Palestine and Detroit.
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 19:00
155 Freeman, 155 Freeman, 11222 more
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