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autonomy as self organising anarchism, autonomy as neo-liberal dreaming



I went to this discussion slash launch last week.

Leaving in an fairly indifferent mood it raised a tense issue once again which I have yet to see examined.

What is the distinction between autonomy as a form of resistance , and autonomy which is just expanding the terrain of Capital?

A pop-up shop hardly seems like the former and yet the language used to describe it is frequently full of inflections of the latter.

IS this just detournement? Perhaps, but what about when contexts that imply an attitude of left wing resistance then adopt these same methods? I'm thinking of the tension underneath some of auto-Italia South East's recent projects ( How is carving a space for action within capitalism, which follows the logic of capitalism anything other than a re-affirming of capitalism?

Is art production ultimately an abstraction (if that isnt a superfluous adjective in this context) of neo-liberal ideology? as Liam Gillick said, are artists just the best form of capitalists?


Are we reaching that point where artists, if they are to call themselves such, need to acknowledge that they are unable to also function as activists, as is suggested in this article in TNI?


Please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes, I'm struggling with firefox today.





Thanks Dave, I had that up in a tab actually but haven't got round to reading it!


here's a discussion of autonomy that raises issues about

the relationship between the politics of liberation and self-determination

and the rise of a specifically capitalist sociality.



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