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On contemporary trajectories of the post-soviet states. An open discussion and reflection

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Society is always leaking, in the former Eastern bloc over twenty years past since the end of the Soviet Union, during which occurred a tremendous restructuring of social relations and ways of life. As each country diverged and reconfigured it's relations due to the influx from Western cultural influence, zones of indetermination carved out new perspectives as to how a society deals with it's leaks.

This event is meant to shed light on a unique social reality by way of it's transition,  offering a comparative, critical lens on life during contemporary capitalist restructuring of these regions and how it affects the formation of identity, social relations, locality as well as cultural production. Awareness of sociocultural trends in these regions provides us with a perspective in context of capitalist relations necessary for constructing an alternative orientation to these forces. Issues of nostalgia and exoticism will also be up for discussion as elements that obscure and dissolve the potential of learning from this point in history outside of precoded modes of representation.

Material for this event was gathered during research in those regions in the summer of 2013, documenting evolving and new elements at play, how they relate and alternate from country to county, as well an overview on larger persistent themes. Through a collection of personal narratives and interview with people in these regions, I aim to get an outlook on the shaping of the present and past through their experience while picking up on cultural trends.

The region in question encompass Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Russia and Belarus. Belarus will take a primary focus as differs most from the rest in it's region and presents a "special case" containing unique elements that do not fit in traditional logic representative of global politics.

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