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This has been copied from the LA School, seems like a fascinating and timely survey. We should have a group of teachers to tackle this indeed complex treatise:

Anyone want to read and discuss Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus?  It is extremely difficult, but in terms of reading something of importance, you can't go wrong--like or dislike its contents.  Wittgenstein is still a controversial figure: for example, Alain Badiou tries to defend traditional philosophy from Wittgenstein's "antiphilosophy" in a recent book.  He takes a stand against Wittgenstein's "sophism" as a trivialization of the serious tasks of philosophy. Is such a trivialization the only serious task?  Does Wittgenstein get the last laugh?  

Wittgenstein, from On Certainty: "I am sitting with a philosopher in the garden; he says again and again 'I know that that's a tree,' pointing to a tree that is near us.  Someone else arrives and hears this, and I tell them: 'This fellow isn't insane.  We are only doing philosophy.'"

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Hey all, I'm currently organizing a Wittgenstein reading group at the FU Berlin and thought people here might be interested in joining. Up until now there are between 6 and 8 committed people, mostly PhD students in literature, but it's open to anyone. From mid October until mid February, we'll be meeting at the FU to discuss the Philosophische Untersuchungen (bilingually, probably once every two weeks). If you want to join drop me a line at Facebook (name: Dennis Schep).

If you don't, sorry for the spam!

the 22nd is good..


shall we schedule the first class for the 22nd of september? of would you prefer another date?
we can put the readings up on aaaaarg (if they're not already there).

Hi jan, thanks for your interest. I'd be happy to schedule as many classes as possible while you're here. I agree that the saying-showing distinction is a good - but also controversial! - focus point.

hey all,

i'm of course interested in the wittgenstein class, but unfortunately i'll be in berlin only from circa 20th sept to 20th oct, and also not the whole time. so i think i won't be able to really partake in preparations.. but if it works out timewise, i'll be happy to attend.
concerning the tractatus, i could imagine that the saying--showing distinction might be a handy and interesting topic to approach the booklet..?


Great! I'd be interested to start this fall if there's enough interest in the course. The Tractatus would be a good place to start, so let's start there. Perhaps we could follow it with another course on the Philosophical Investigations later.
Readings at home and then class discussions would be fine.
Let me know if there's anything I need to do to get the ball rolling!
Cheers, Matt

indeed matt, thank you for offering to teach! will remain attentive to yr schedule see what we can do to help set it up. best.luis

hi matt, and welcome...

i'd be very interested in a wittgenstein course - i've read some of his stuff as an undergrad, but very little, so for me it wouldn't matter so much where we'd start.. i think there's more people interested too, so it would come down to figuring out when and in what kind of format (just readings at home and discussions in class, i presume?). when would you want to organize this?


Hi all, I'm new here. Just found out about the public school yesterday. I'm currently completing my doctoral dissertation on Wittgenstein. I'd be interesting in giving a course on Wittgenstein if there's still interest - could be on a text (Tractatus, Philosophical Investigations, etc) or more theme-based (mind, mathematics, etc.).

Cheers, Matt

will be reaching out to my colleague jan bovelet who has been spending significant time with the work of wittgenstein, especially with 'private languages', and hopefully can teach it in the coming weeks/month. any other suggestions?


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