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Class Struggle Along Global Supply Chains, Part I

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One of the forms in which the working class exists today is at the various nodal points along commodity chains.

Global production is based on a system of “factories without walls,” where components are manufactured using an inventory-less subcontracting system that scours the globe for the “leanest” costs of production–especially cheap and compliant labor.

Yet these just-in-time chains are vulnerable and this presentation identifies the nodes where struggles offer the greatest possibility for solidarity to spread down supply chains – and across oceans and borders. was designed to be a platform for mapping the goods movement infrastructure and documenting strikes and other militant actions within its many distribution nodes.

These maps become strategic tools that reveal class interests common to a geographically-dispersed but materially-connected global working class.

This presentation will focus on the Inland Empire (a critical node in the North American supply chain) and the use value of the Empire Logistics project in mapping the geography of struggle and facilitating militant action in the area.

An open discussion will follow. 

Presented by Michael W. Wilson

hosted by 

Anti-Authoritarian Marxist Network and The Public School 


Friday, November 29, 2013 - 19:30
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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