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Class Struggle Along Global Supply Chains, Part II

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Class Struggle Along Global Supply Chains, Part II

Part II will focus on struggles over commodities sold on world markets, like the 35+ bread riots in 2008 that presaged the Arab Spring in 2011, as well as the battles of longshore workers handling the grain.

This presentation will show the links between revolts in Cairo, port shutdowns in Oakland, worker sabotage and wildcat strikes in Puget Sound, and militant actions by supply chains workers everywhere.

Empire Logistics maps the geography of these struggles in an attempt to foment militant action that spreads working class solidarity beyond these nodes, across sectors, and along supply chains to all corners of the globe.

An open discussion will follow. Presented by Gifford Hartman 

hosted by 

Anti-Authoritarian Marxist Network and The Public School 

Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 15:00
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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I'm so amazed and thankful that these classes are being held!  Wish I could attend but I'm not  good in classroom settings and more important my time is devoted to my work in the Port of Aztlan.  However, if you ever need me to share my thoughs and experiences regarding the underground economy in the drayage industry and how it's existance is a pillar for selective worker superiority on the waterfront let me know.  See?  I talk too much.  I make too many enemies when I join or participate.

My work takes place with workers and in my dillusional writings.

But seriously, the topic of internaitonal logistics is so intriguing and necessary to learn and master.  Reading the info on the classes is exciting as it will better prepare students than the industry sponsored classes at CSULB.




just another worker,,,,,


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