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Gilles Deleuze :: Cinema 1 :: Readings & Screenings

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Reading Cinema 1.

Eliane Lima
Monday, January 20, 2014 - 18:30
BAY AREA PUBLIC SCHOOL [Classroom] -- 2141 Broadway, Oakland CA more
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hi Eliane -- i'd love to join. unfortunately have weekly meetings booked on monday evenings. i will keep watch for other meetings -- i'll also RSVP if anything opens up. i'd really like to join!

Dear Oakland Loyalist, You and your friend are welcome! This course and any course hosted by The Public School is free and open to the public without need of registration. Please, enjoy us! Cheers, Eliane

Dear pkalkin, You do not missed a bunch because our meetings just begun, we are crawling into Cinema 1. Please, enjoy us! Cheers, Eliane

Message posted in Deleuze Cinema's facebook group page DeleuzeCinema group, our last meeting was great, we had a such interesting discussion while finishing the Perception Image chapter!
Our next meeting is scheduled for January 20, 6:30pm = we will read together chapter 6 The Affection Image Face and Close up.
Hope you can attend! Our favorite films for this chapter are:
Dreyer's Joan of Arc

I'll come with another person who is not registered and we will watch the film beforehand.  Very interested in film.  MFA from Mills.

i am so very very very interested in these meetings and bummed i missed out on a bunch already! hoping there will be more weekend options in the future!


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