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Practicalities of Revolt

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Practicalities of Revolt (online)

This class would look at the nuts and bolts of revolution and insurrection to better understand (and have a roadmap) during the disarray of a popular revolt. For example, if all businesses are closed, where does one get food? Water? Medical supplies? What happens if the power grid is shut down? How do you make gear to protect from the onslaught of thugs/police (see Egyptian homemade helmets)? What are the basics of first-aid you should know? What do you do if the government shuts down mobile communications and access to the internet or is monitoring them to stop organizing before it begins? Also, what are useful things that can be done from abroad to assist in other people’s struggles? Spread information? Electronic Civil Disobedience? And on and on...

The answers to these questions would be different for specific situations, but could we develop some general information that would be useful? Perhaps develop a web platform to collect and gather knowledge that could be put to practical use in the future?

Edit: I copied this proposal from The Public School LA: The class that I'd like to propose for the Berlin department is a little different though: it will focus on the practicalities of online revolt. We will discuss anonymity and encryption in relation to the struggles in Iran, Egypt and the rest of the world, also addressing how we can use these technologies in our own lives. Hopefully there will be an expert on encryption, hacking and internet security present to facilitate the class.

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dear all,
for reasons beyond our control, the first meeting of this class is cancelled. perhaps somebody else will want to take up the theme at a later stage; the proposal is still standing, but for now it's just a proposal, not a planned class.

the notes pertain to meetings that took place in LA, because i copied the proposal from the public school LA. i added this class a few weeks ago after discussing with the prospective 'teacher'; i think the first meeting will take place on the 2nd of september.

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I'm confused about the timeframe here. The "class" page doesn't display when the item was added, and there are "notes" attached that seem to describe meetings & things that already took place....were those just copied along with the proposal from the LA school, or did something already happen with this?


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