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DIY University - Mobility Voyeurism?

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Would anyone be interested in doing a class during/just before / just after the Mobility Shifts conference in NYC? I'm interested in discussing the intersections of mobility / economics / race / class / gender / art / activism, moving beyond art/activist tourism towards long term community engagement, thinking about the possibilities for making cheap art with phones, and certainly their DIY U theme seems worth a long discussion at the public school.



Comprised of a conference, exhibition, workshops, project demos and a theater performance, the summit will add an international layer to the existing debate about digital learning. In a high-energy context this summit will bring together artists, web developers, scholars, technologists, teachers, radical librarians, policy makers, critical legal scholars and learning activists. The week-long event will focus on diverse discussions about digital fluencies for a mobile world and explore learning outside the bounds of schools and universities. Learn, laugh, argue, discuss, eat, make new friends, write mini-manifestos or sprint books, record videos, conduct interviews, meet future collaborators and swap learning resources like it's 1999. 

Drawing on New York City’s strengths as a global hub for learning, innovation and design, the summit will showcase theories, people and projects making unexpected connections between self-learning, mobile platforms and the Open Web. 

MobilityShifts is grouped around three subthemes:

  • Digital Fluencies for a Mobile World 
  • DIY U: Learning Without a School? 
  • Learning from Digital Learning Projects Worldwide

The summit is part of The New School’s Politics of Digital Cultureconference series. MobilityShifts builds on two previous events: The Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona (2010) and Digital Media and Learning2011 in Los Angeles. 



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Or I can "teach" it too, I'm happy to help since you will probably have your hands full.

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Wonderful! Then maybe we should have a few meetings leading up to mobilityshifts. I'm down. I guess since you're charing that means you're "teaching" this class. ;-)

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hi micha,

we are planning a class like this ... it has no form yet but we'll be meeting soon to talk about what to do. i was going to make a proposal but since you have done it already i'm just going to hijack yours!

anyways, i am co-chairing the DIY U track of this. honestly i haven't been thinking much about mobile platforms (more about the last year and a half, in relation to higher education) but i'm personally open to anything.

mostly i thought it would be good to try and bring together the public school, this conference, the idc list, and the conversations that were circulating around the UC strikes and beyond group, also so we here can try and frame a certain part of what's happening in october there, if people want to.


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