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Saturday, Feb. 1st, 6 pm
The Public School
155 Freeman St, Brooklyn

The second in the three-part series Between Who: Shelly Silver, where Silver invites artist Jordan Lord to initiate an event around two texts: Theory of the Young-Girl and "Theory of the Man-Child."

Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl is a text that has circulated among anarchists and art world audiences since it was first written by the anonymous French collective Tiqqun in 1999. Unofficially distributed for years as a free English translation, the book was finally published in the US in an authoritative translation by Ariana Reines in 2012. Tiqqun argues that Empire, under the aegis of global capitalism, has produced a self-surveilling regime of consumption and alienation, which has been perfected in the figure of the Young-Girl. Mimicking (and parodying) the language and fonts of women's magazines in a series of epithets, many of which are overtly misogynistic, the text attempts to perform a détournement on the ideology that produces this subject. They argue that the Young-Girl, despite being literally female, is "obviously not a gendered concept."

In Mal Ahern and Moira Weigel's essay, "Further Materials Toward a Theory of the Man-Child" (2013), the writers put forth their own defining figure of our time—the Man-Child—a term they use to expose the latent sexism and supremacy that inheres in privileged, male use/abuse of irony and which they apply as much to Tiqqun as to "the nice guy in your grad-school program." 

Attempting to unpack these two texts, the evening will consist of a group of writers, artists, and teachers each performing their own reading of a passage from YG or MC. The readings will take many different forms, including performance, video, images, and writing. Everyone present is encouraged to offer their own reading of what's been written, what's said, and what's performed. Printouts will be available at the event.

The evening will consider the questions raised by the texts, the assumptions and positions that generated them, and will attempt to offer different ways to respond and to think through the seeming impasse they present.

Readers include:

Anicka Yi, Arias Abbruzzi Davis, Cameron Rowland, Carissa Rodriguez, Constantina Zavitsanos with Amalle Dublon & Aliza Shvarts, Daniel Chew, Emmy Levitas, Hong-Kai Wang, Jacob King, Jordan Lord, Lise Soskolne, Nova Benway, Park McArthur, Shelly Silver, Tavish Miller

Between Who is an ongoing series organized by Nova Benway at The Public School New York, examining relationships between artistic practices and pedagogy.

Though Shelly Silver is primarily known as an artist working with the moving image, Between Who: Shelly Silver’s three events will eschew the typical screening format. Instead, Silver has invited performances, talks and other contributions from artists with whom she has collaborated in the past. Each event will address concerns present in her films and highlight the social and theoretical communities of which she is a part. Silver and Lord shared an interest in the YGMC texts, and both were part of an exhibition and publication project, The Politics of Friendship, inspired by YG and MC.



Saturday, February 1, 2014 - 18:00
155 Freeman, 155 Freeman, 11222 more
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