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This is what Austerity looks like

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a conversaton, a potluck / potlatch, and and open projection of your favorite youtube/vimeo riots. Caviar anyone?


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We are organizing a first meeting for 9pm on Thursday, August 18.

We thought it would be nice to read "An Open Letter to Those Who Condemn Looting" (in two parts) and ask everyone to bring in things to show (for example, video URLs, news clips, etc.) and then discuss from there.

Part 1:

Part 2:

(As a side note, this will lead into a planning discussion for a class next month around education and austerity measures)

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(A classic text from BM Blob aka Weiss brothers thirty years ago)

Like a Summer With a Thousand Julys


It was kids amazingly who were responsible for most of the heavy shit going down. Teeny boppers dragged weeny boppers along in their wake. Or vice versa - no one was quite sure. It was that sort of anybody's guess time.

Although the rioting was commonly said to be the effect of mass unemployment, top authorities refused to acknowledge unemployment as a cause of the rioting because of the large number of children involved. The authorities were right on the level of facts but the kids intuitively knew far deeper than any big shot, there was No Future for them in the old world of work. Whitelaw said “Many of the hooligans were aged between 10 and 11 even less so there can be no question of unemployment being the cause.” Children in particular played a prominent part in the battle of Liverpool 8. Out of 67 arrested during rioting on Park Road, 21 were juveniles aged between 8 and 16. The Tones tried to blame the troubles on lax parents and the break-up of the family. Relations within the family are loosening but a growing distance between parents and kids even in tight knit working class families didn't stop parents from being right behind their kids."

this isn't sufficiently decadent.. how about gold leaf specks on that caviar? If short on gold leaf, it is always in plentiful supply on deserts served at Bottega Louie! ;)

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"Looting is a natural response to the unnatural and inhuman society of commodity abundance. It instantly undermines the commodity as such, and it also exposes what the commodity ultimately implies: the army, the police and the other specialized detachments of the state's monopoly of armed violence."

"LA '92: The Context of a Proletarian Uprising"


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