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Fourth class outline

Today we'll talk about last week's problems again.

What is a general formula to describe the outcome of all dice rolls?

- We made some progress for one or two rolls with 2 and 6-sided dice, and we have a nice general algorithm for computing arbitrary dice rolls, but can we summarize the algorithm with a formula? Can we bring some existing combinatorics or probability theory to bear on the question?

How much torque is required to rotate a giant clam shell?

- We talked about a lot of differnet mechanisms that could make this possible and saw some examples.  Then we talked about the underlying physical quantities and their units: torque, energy, power.  Can we refine this into a model that is specific enough to make calculations?  What should be included in the model?  What are the known quantities?  What are the unknown quantities?  What is the goal?  How can we use what we know to achieve the goal?


Thanks for sharing the class outline. I didn't make it last week, so I had to copy a lot of notes and make up with some post tests. Anyways, thanks for sharing! - Feed the Children


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