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Revolutionary Theory : A Reading Group

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All of our meetings will take place on Thursdays, from 7-9pm.
Please read "Week 2" in the Reader, pages 39 to 72.
Also, please read Chapter 4 of the Eley.
Here are links to the two texts:

In this group, we will work through the history of revolutionary theory in the twentieth century, focusing on the history of European socialism and communism (in future groups, we may look at anarchism, feminism, anti-colonialism and anti-racism, and so on). We will use a reader, which has been designed for this reading group by the Communist Research Cluster. Readings are 50-60 pages per session, split between primary sources and chapters from a history book. This group will hopefully allow us to think more deeply about some of the big questions of social change—how it happens, and towards what end—which have been raised by recent struggles here and globally. A simultaneous reading group will take place in NYC, using the same material. This group offers participants a chance to read texts with members of the Endnotes collective. The reader is here :

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 19:00
BAY AREA PUBLIC SCHOOL [Classroom] -- 2141 Broadway, Oakland CA more
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Hey, I'm Lara who's helping with the web stuff for this...I haven't received that reading yet but will post it here when I have it! There was an email that went out to the whole group I think too...that should have had the links as well. Growing pains of starting a new class...will update soon.

is there a section of Eley that we're supposed to read as well? or just pt 2 of the reader?


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