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Introductory Sound Art/Electronic Music

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Introduction to Sound Art class will happen 5 times with additional class as a concert at the end. It is open to the public at all classes. It will happen at Eyebeam Atelier and various places in the city. Each class will have a lead artist, although contents and organizing will be done collaboratively by the artists. Every class will be a mix of lecture and demonstration. Class will begin at 1pm and end around 3pm. Participants will be welcome to stay until 6 to work on the projects. No previous experience will be required, but some classes will be interesting for advanced students as well.

Each classes are meant as demonstration and introduction to concept and techniques of working with sound as art materials. Instructors plan to teach creative perspective about working with sound, rather than specific software or technology. However instructors will have a solid knowledge and preparation to answer most technical questions.
Following text is from internal wiki, details are subject to change.

    1. Introduction to Sound art #1(lead: Mike Clemow)
    What is sound. field recording. acoustics. music concrete.
    Demonstration of using Aduacity to do music concrete techniques.
    Will make a depository of sound sources to work with.

      2. Physicality of sound (lead: Jamie Allen)  

      Sound as investigation - Sound as a way of understanding the universe
      Basic DIY circuit bending with contact mics and resistors.
      Students invited to bring DIY instruments or conductive material to make an ensemble.

      3. Introduction to Sound art #2 (lead: Travis Houldcroft)

        Laptop as studio. Digital audio. Basic synthesis. Microphones.
        Students will bring in sound captured with their own devices, or instruments. Students will present homework.
        Intro to Max/ PD

        4. Colliding Sounds (lead: Roddy Schrock)

          Intro. to the open source sound software SuperCollider. For any artist, sound or otherwise, that wants to learn basics of this sophisticated and free software, specifically in the context of how it can be used in installation contexts (sound triggering, syncing, OSC communication) or creative sample manipulation (buffers, buses, granular synthesis).

          5. Politics of noise (lead: Taeyoon Choi) 

            Lecture/discussion about political nature of noise and public space.   
            Brief history of noise in the twentieth century and urban development.
            Walking tour with field recorder and invented devices.   

            6. Class concert/ presentation
            Evening of sound exploration and experiments with works made by the students of this class. format tbd. Party of the Public School New York - Net Label.


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            Hi all.

            TPSNY is back this fall with more creative technology classes!

            Long anticipated <Open hardware for artists> will happen end of November. Please sign on the the page. 

            TPSNY website is updated, there is a proposal page -> class page -> event page, and you will need to sign up to the event page to attend specific classes. 

            Maybe another session of Intro to Sound Art can happen in fall/ winter too. Please use the comment/ mailing list to share ideas, info on events, etc. 

            Saw this opportunity and thought people might be interested:

            DEADLINE: DECEMBER 15, 2011
            EMPAC encourages applications for a wide range of projects, from a diversity of artists, composers, directors, choreographers, and performers of different cultural and geographic backgrounds. EMPAC is open to proposals for all phases of a project, from initial concept to full production.

            Proposals are reviewed three times a year. Application deadlines are March 1st, July 1st, and October 15th.
            How to apply:

            * Download and read the Artist In Residence guidelines to make sure we can support your project.
            * Download and read how to apply and follow the instructions.

            For further information, please contact us at

            On occasion, EMPAC will announce special initiatives for the residency program. At this time we're announcing four:
            Audio Production / Post-Production

            EMPAC is an ideal place to record sound, produce multichannel pieces or a 5.1/7.1/10.2 DVD, document works of sound art, master, perform complex mixing for film with several consoles, and any other task involving microphones, speakers, and computers. We encourage applicants who are interested to come to EMPAC for short-term residencies to produce a project in our facility. For this initiative EMPAC may provide housing and technical support, but will not be offering offset stipends.

            Creative Research
            Provides artists, writers, and theorists with the opportunity to conduct research over extended periods of time (minimum six weeks). The research residency offers a workspace, housing, and a modest living stipend; this residency does not receive ongoing technical support from EMPAC staff, but may include input, information or feedback from EMPAC staff, curators, other resident artists and the Rensselaer community.

            Dance / Theater
            Dance and theater artists are invited to apply for a residency to rehearse, workshop or finalize a production. EMPAC's Dance / Theater residency offers a group of up to six individuals a two-week rehearsal period. The group will have 24-hour access and use of Studio 1 : Goodman Studio/Theater, a 3,300 square foot flexible space with a resilient stage floor. The residency will be supported by technical staff and may include travel and housing, but will not offer offset stipends.

            Video Production / Post-Production
            EMPAC's capacity for video parallels that of audio. It is an ideal location for doing a multi-camera shoot, creating documentation of a performance, working with multichannel video projection, and other aspects of digital post-production video or any project that involves HD video cameras, computers, or projectors. For this initiative EMPAC may provide housing and technical support, but will not be offering offset stipends.


            I am very interested in developing my own sound art!

            I listen to so much of this. I'd like to know more about the various techniques for making it.

            i couldn't make it the first time around but ugh so interested in this class. i really hope it's offered again!


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