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Contemporary Art Magazines Meeting #6: Kaleidoscope - at a new location: Abrons Art Center (room 201)

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This week we look forward to reading and discussing Kaleidoscope, issue 20 (Winter 2013/14).
Please note that we will be meeting at a new location this week: Abrons Arts Center, Room 201 (466 Grand st, in the Lower East Side)
This class is conceived as a reading group focused on a single issue of an art magazine at every meeting. A sense of continuation is not based on reading the same magazine, but rather, on asking similar questions across the board of publishing. Such questions can range from the mundane (Why is this being published right now? Is the writing worthwhile? What is the editorial line like, if one seems to exist?) to the expansive (What makes for a real contribution in art publishing? What is the role of criticism in contemporary art?). The goal is to generate a conversation that would discuss both the contemporary art scene and the practice of publishing and writing about art. Similarly, the choice of magazines can and should vary from the obvious to the specific. Previous sessions have taken up Artforum, frieze, e-flux, Mousse and Texte zur Kunst. We welcome suggestions for publications for future sessions on the class blog. 
 - Orit Gat & Clara Halpern


Monday, March 24, 2014 - 19:00
Abrons Arts Center more
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We have a PDF of the magazine available, too. If you're interested in joining the session and would like a link to the PDF email orit— oritgat[at]gmail


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