You just need to Login or Register to make a class proposal. (Sorry about that, but it cuts down on spam and also helps with organizing)

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Utopia School: Help using

1. Register (for new users)

  • Go to
  • Pick a username & password you will remember
  • Add your email (where you want to receive weekly announcements and class notifications)
  • Fill out other required fields, and click ‘Create new account’
  • After registering you will be automatically logged in

2. Login (existing users)

3. Follow Utopia School

  • Once logged in, click ‘My account’ in the upper right hand corner of the site
  • Click the ‘Edit’ tab (right above your user name)
  • Scroll down to ‘Following’, and check the box next to ‘Utopia School’ (you can always follow other TPS committees later)
  • Scroll down to ‘Subscriptions’, and make sure you leave both boxes unchecked (it’s important not to disable email notification if you want to participate in discussions about classes you propose or express interest in)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’ to submit your changes
  • Now you should be all set for participating in Utopia School classes

4. Submitting proposals

  • At any point while logged in, you can click “Make a proposal” at the top of the screen
  • Use the full proposal form at and tag with 'utopia school'
  • Again, don’t worry about making it perfect. You can continue to work on your proposals until March 15th
  • That’s it!
  • Note that you won't see your proposal in the list of all proposals until it has been moderated to ensure it’s not spam

5. Browse existing proposals

  • You can see proposals from the current week at
  • To see previous week’s proposals, at the bottom of that page click “Proposals from the previous week”
  • Click on the proposal title you want to see, for more information and comments
  • Once at the proposal, click “+ Add me” (try it out! You can always click “- Remove me” at any time if you’re no longer interested)
  • Feel free to contribute to existing proposal ideas (ask questions, or just say hi to people) by commenting on existing proposals. This is how it all works, so don’t be shy - Let’s get started!



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