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"BAPS Review" Workshop

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On Thurs, March 27th at 6pm we'll convene at BAPS (2141 Broadway, Oakland) to share information, organize the trajectory and share our vision for this workshop and the first edition of the "BAPS Review". (we'll also collectively decide on the name of the "BAPS Review")

"BAPS Review" will be a workshop for learning how to create and facilitate a community through the medium of magazine/review, while simultaneously creating and facilitating a continuous free print-edition and online review for the BAPS community. The basic goal of this workshop is to build a time and space for people to collaborate on the production of a magazine that brings together much of the work, talks and news of events happening at BAPS. Given the generous amount of classes and events over the last year that have taken place at or through the school, we'll have plenty of material and people to solicit for our first edition and beyond.

As a workshop, we will actively participate in teaching to and learning from each other the following tools and skills:

- InDesign

- Proof editing

- Affordable printing strategies

- Magazine construction

-Soliciting and publishing content

- Promoting and managing distribution

- and more!

For immediate information, feel free to email

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 18:00
2141 Broadway, 94612 more
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