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"BAPS Review" Workshop

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040214 Meeting Notes


We discussed the idea of crafting a call for submissions to the Zero Issue of the BAPS Review which would consist of a call in itself, in different voices, for submissions for the First Issue.


Content could include prose, poetry, visual art, etc.


We agreed to brainstorm this through the next week and come with some language that we can use to issue a call at our next meeting, 6pm Thursday, April 10th @ BAPS


We also considered a few different formats, primarily pamphlets.


Thoughts on Theme / Content for Zero Issue:


- Collective of Collectives, the Commons

- Collective sizes, limits, compositions, and constraints

- Developing affinities across divergent groups / ideologies / etc

- Common goals vs. identity / ideology (eg: Nihilism vs. “Utopianism” vs. Something In between)

- Here vs. There / Inside vs. Outside (There is no here, here)

- What happens in the liminal spaces / boarders where collectivities brush up against one another?

- The problem with “Unity”

- The Five Obstructions:

- Semantic Issues w/language around Collective “work”

- We need to create a new language / vocabulary around collectivity (is this part of

 the journals project - to develop a new semantic frame that does not borrow from

            industrialism  / capitalism (ie: creation vs. production)

- Including submissions in other languages - presenting readers with obstacles, points of exclusion, limits


Published writing demonstrating range of perspectives on this theme (added by Mariko 4/7)

Here are some published pieces along this theme of the problem of composition, that may help us think about how to write the call. If people have a different idea of what “the problem of composition” is and want to reference articles that can draw out the issues more clearly here, please do.


Occupy Oakland- Points of unity for a feminist queer occupation


Occupy Oakland - Who is Oakland? Anti-oppression activism, the politics of safety and State co-optation


Inter-communal Solidarity Committee -


Lies Journal Vol I. -

Call for a New Approach


Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 18:00
2141 Broadway, 94612 more
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