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Getting Started

Greetings Folks,

This coming Sunday is our first of three sessions. I thought I'd send out a few links to prepare for the introduction to openFrameworks. This session is optional - but it's highly recommended for everybody participating in the hack-a-thon.

Sunday will be a little bit more didactic than the following sessions. We'll start by looking at the core functionalities of OF: drawing graphics, displaying images, playing movies and sound. Then we'll cover some of the features of the computer vision library (OpenCV), which will be critical for working with the Kinect.

For Sunday, you'll need to download the most recent version of openFrameworks (007, a.k.a. the James Bond version) for whichever operating system that you'll be using.

In order to actually develop in OF, you'll also need to have an integrated development environment (IDE) on your computer. If you don't have XCode (OSX) or Code::Blocks or Visual Studio (Windows), please download and install the IDE sometime this week. If you're on linux, hopefully you already know what to do. The OF downloads provides specific instructions for working with the different IDEs. If you're having trouble, feel free to come by 30 minutes before the workshop begins (but let me know if advance). That way, we can jump right into it.

This tutorial for setting up OF might also prove to be helpful -

FYI, we'll be saving all of the Kinect conversations for next Saturday - the first hands-on day of the hack-a-thon.

Looking forward to it!


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